In a dramatic week of episodes stripped across five nights, we see Gary drag Phelan back to the street for one final showdown. But as the men vie for revenge who will be caught in the crossfire?

The drama kicks off on Monday when Gary and Joe let themselves into Phelan’s caravan. A fight breaks out but Joe manages to knock Phelan unconscious.

(Picture ITV) Gary didn’t expect this!

Gary and Joe return to the builder’s yard and lock Phelan in the storeroom. But when Sarah discovers a bound, gagged and unconscious Phelan what will she do?

Later In the storeroom, Phelan regains consciousness. Jack lets himself into the builder’s yard and discovers Phelan tied up. Phelan urges Jack to find some scissors and cut him free.

(Picture ITV) Phelan ropes in young Jack to help him escape

The week reaches a shocking climax as Phelan ties up Gary and Sarah and heads to No.11 brandishing his gun. To Eileen’s horror, Phelan forces his way in. At No.11 after a gunshot rings out Phelan makes his way into the bistro carrying his first casualty. Demanding Ali administer first aid Phelan grabs a hostage and locks himself in the kitchen. As the police surround the bistro will everyone make it out alive?

(Picture ITV) Will it be murder on the dance floor ?

These episodes air nightly from Monday 28th May- Friday 1st June at 9pm on ITV

By Eastieoaks

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