Here are the snippets released for the big 4 soaps covering 4th June – 8th June


4th June
Debbie is fearful. Chas holds out for a miracle. Victoria plays matchmaker.

5th June
Charity confronts her painful past. Ross has an unexpected encounter. Debbie makes a confession.

6th June
Doug tries to salve his conscience. Lachlan is worried. Debbie’s upset.

7th June
Doug confides in Lachlan. Sarah has a go at Joe. Chas is thrown into panic.

8th June
The villagers say goodbye to Gerry. Diane becomes suspicious. Graham gains the upper hand.

Coronation Street

4th June Episode 1
Rosie and Gemma put their plan into action. Gail applies for a loan, naming Roy as her employer. Kirk fails to spot Sharon’s jealous streak.

4th June Episode 2
Antoine tries to wriggle out of Rosie’s trap. Roy muscles in on Gail’s private session with Rosemary. Steve begs Robert to keep his secret.

6th June Episode 1
Roy resolves to expose Rosemary as a fraud. Kirk agrees to accompany Sharon on a shopping expedition. Rosie basks in media attention.

6th June Episode 2
Craig’s news delights Rosie. Sharon gives Kirk an expensive gift to show her gratitude. Tyrone steps in to prevent a quarrel.

8th June Episode 1
Rosie, Gemma and Craig appear on This Morning. Carla goads Alya into quitting her job. Sharon asks Kirk to chaperone her on a blind date.

8th June Episode 2
Rosie jumps at a sensational career opportunity. Imran makes a startling discovery. Sharon’s confession sends Kirk running.


4th June
A social worker visits the Maaliks after allegations of abuse, while Milo is trying to get Cindy and Dirk back together. Prince has a plan to get some extra cash, but Lily won’t approve. Peri is busy planning a party for Harley.

5th June
It’s Harley’s birthday party, but Nico has been watching Peri and Harley’s relationship from afar and clearly has a plan. Yazz and Tom are increasingly worried about Alfie, while Hunter gets into a state. Dirk is shocked by a new arrival.

6th June
The new villager is searching for somewhere to stay, but it’s not looking promising. Tom confides in Marnie about Alfie, but when Alfie overhears the conversation, he gets the wrong end of the stick.

7th June
This special mental health episode focuses on Alfie, who has barricaded himself in at the Cunninghams’ house surrounded by papers and calculations. He is manic, but everyone knows he’s unwell.

8th June
Ste is furious that Harry isn’t putting any effort into their new business. Harry manages to gather some money and tells Ste it’s from his club promotion job, but all is not as it seems.


4th June
Robbie plays matchmaker for Stacey. Kush tries his best to support Carmel. Mel finds herself in hot water with Phil and Sharon.

5th June
Jack assists Mel with her problems at the club. Sonia gets a shock. Carmel sets her mind on a new scheme

7th June
Kim desperately tries to reach out to Vincent. Ian offers to help Carmel with her campaign.

8th June
Denise encourages Kim to report Vincent missing. Martin and Stacey find themselves in an embarrassing situation. Jack gets more than he bargained for when he tries to impress Mel.



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