If you were a kid growing up in the 90s the chances are if you watched television you saw ChuckleVision it starred Barry and Paul Elliott as the Chuckle Brothers and followed them as they carried out various jobs with a lot of slapstick comedy.

chucklevision(Picture BBC)

Fast forward to 2018 and we now have the world wide web, social media and of course Youtube, The Chuckle Brothers, however, are still around and are back in this brand new series to entertain us.

The legendary chuckle brothers, Paul and Barry, return to screens as they present a feast of cliptastic family-friendly fun.

However, this time it’s you who are the butt of the jokes,as they introduce a hilarious new clip-show made up of the funniest fails, flops and falls uploaded to the internet.

Introduced from their very own living room, Paul and Barry recreate the relationship that brought joy to millions of viewers for 30 years from the late 80s, along with their catchphrases ‘To me, to you’ and ‘Oh dear, oh dear’.

So join us for face plants, fails, and even fish behaving badly as we take a rollercoaster ride through the crazy world of Chuckle Time.

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Chuckle Time begins Saturday 16th June at 5:05pm on Channel 5

By Eastieoaks

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