Almost all of Wentworth’s inmates and officers are stunned by the escape of known enemies Franky and Joan. However, Allie finds some solace that Bea’s death has been avenged. Fans will remember that she let Joan to take her place on the escape, then tipped off Will Jackson, who buried her alive. Will and Jake Stewart are relieved to be rid of such a dangerous enemy, but the truth weighs heavily on their consciences.

Series 6 also sees the admittance of three charismatic new women prisoners. Rita Connors (Leah Purcell) is a spirited indigenous woman affiliated to the Conqueror biker gang. She is on remand for armed robbery.

Marie Winter (Susie Porter) is the powerful and feared criminal matriarch behind a sex trafficking and prostitution racket. However, this is her first time in jail and she could be a potential top dog.

Ruby Mitchell (Rarriwuy Hick) is a hot- headed, feisty young woman at Wentworth for assault and resisting arrest, putting her promising boxing career on hold.

In the first episode, Franky is on the run. With the police closing in, she is running out of time to prove her innocence, so she recruits a close ally to help her. Vera is determined to prove that Jake helped Ferguson break out. Meanwhile, new arrival Rita Connors seeks to reconcile with someone from her past.


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Wentworth returns June 2018


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