HMS Northumberland is about to leave port when a problem crops up to delay things. Navy Command sends news about an unprecedented gathering of Russian warships and submarines off the coast of Ireland and Northumberland is ordered to investigate. The timely arrival of the ship’s new chaplain coincides with a growing morale problem on board — brought on as a result of the crew’s inability to take time off. As HMS Northumberland leaves port, the chaplain attempts to help the crew through another challenging mission. En route to the Atlantic, where the Russians are gathering, a mysterious ship is spotted on the radar. Deeper investigation reveals it to be a Russian spy ship off the coast of the UK, and orders from Navy Command require HMS Northumberland to investigate right away. In a bid to lift morale, the ship’s first ever MasterChef competition gets underway, and dishes are served to a special ship’s judging panel headed up by Captain Thom Hobbs. Also, the chaplain’s first church service at sea galvanises the crew. The ship receives additional orders — an American submarine is on its way to the UK, and Northumberland must keep it safe from the Russian spy ship that’s been sighted nearby. And the Russians keep the pressure up. A large Russian spy plane suddenly appears on the radar. It’s flying straight for the ship, forcing the crew to man the guns and ready their defences…

(Picture: Channel 5)
  • Series Producer – Rachel Smith
  • Series Director – Anna Keel
  • Producer/Directors – Nick Gardner, Lewis Price
  • Executive Producers – Mark Tattersall, Helen Littleboy

An Artlab Films production

By Eastieoaks

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