A real family joins Milkshake on Channel 5

For the first time in its 23 year history Channel 5’s early morning block of children’s programming ‘Milkshake’ is to welcome a real life family.

The Grimwades will throw open their doors to young viewers as Ella, Tim and their 6 children set themselves a challenge to go green with the help of 5 ‘R’ words. Refuse, Reduce, Recycle, Repair and Reuse are the name of the game as they remember to turn off taps and make the best of old clothes.

For even the youngest viewers Go Green with the Grimwades is full of ideas.

(Picture: ViacomCBS / Holly Falconer)

In the first episode of the new show the Grimwades discover it isn’t as easy to go green as they want. A shopping trip prompts the question: Why is there so much packaging? and does all fresh food have to come wrapped in plastic or is there another way? which of the 5 R’s means saying no to plastic?

Go Green with the Grimwades starts later this month on Channel 5.

(Main image: ViacomCBS / Rob Parfitt)


  1. I find this program very annoying and patronising! If I wanted to watch these parents profiteering from their children I’d watch their YouTube content which has definitely turned commercial recently. Milkshake should stick to what they’re good at!


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