With the baby bombshell now exploded both Eva and Toyah are faced with the consequences of their lies. Can Toyah save her relationship with Peter and how will the Connors react to discover Aidan had a child? In shock, Carla summons Johnny and Kate and breaks the news that Susie is Aidan’s daughter. Johnny storms into the pub demanding answers from Eva. Johnny’s brokenhearted and announces he intends to fight for custody of his granddaughter.

On Wednesday having consulted a lawyer, Johnny reveals he’s applying for a Child Arrangement Order. Jenny’s horrified to hear that Johnny is seeking custody of Susie and urges him to reconsider, pointing out a baby belongs with its mother. Johnny retorts that either he has her support or they’re finished. Will Jenny agree? Eva’s shocked when Johnny reveals he’s taken legal advice and wants a DNA test to be sure Susie is Aidan’s.

Adam isn’t making the situation any better and Eva’s horrified to discover that Johnny’s started custody proceedings and turns to Adam. Adam shows Eva a fake DNA report he’s made stating he’s Susie’s father and suggests it’s a way of avoiding a custody battle. Will Eva agree to his plan?

Scenes air next week from 19th-22nd June



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