Kevin leaves Jack with Sophie for the day, he complains of feeling unwell but Sophie says he should go to school. He gets sent home from school and Seb and Faye find him slumped on the stairs clearly unwell. As they carry him out of the house Ali sees them and urges them to get him to A&E.

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The doctor at the medical centre confirms Jack has a viral infection and advises a relieved Sophie to take him home. But when Ali calls at number 13 to check on Jack he notices discolouration on his fingers and toes and calls an ambulance immediately. Kevin, Sally, Sophie and Tim are stunned when the doctor confirms Jack has sepsis and the next 24 hours are crucial.

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Sophie blames herself for Jack’s illness as kevin keeps a vigil.

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Sophie has a go at Rana for the medical centre missing Jack’s sepsis. When Rana defends her position Sophie slaps her.  Sophie heads to see Adam and says she would like to sue the medical centre for negligence.

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Scenes air from Monday 2nd July on ITV

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