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Bethany is enjoying a romantic meal at with Ryan who has got the flat to himself. They kiss passionately and Bethany freaks out as he tries to go further. Panic stricken she runs out of the door just as Sarah rounds the corner to see Ryan watching her looking totally bewildered.

Sarah goes into Ryan’s flat demanding answers but when he says Bethany is a tease she sees red and shoves him before storming out.

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Ryan stumbles and hits his head before collapsing. At Craig’s flat Bethany is upset telling Craig she had a panic attack when Ryan kissed her. When Bethany tells Sarah that Ryan did nothing wrong Sarah realises she overreacted in the way she treated Ryan.

Robert and Michelle return home to find an unconscious Ryan on the flat floor and call an ambulance. Later, Ryan regains consciousness and listens to Robert telling Michelle that he brought it  himself with his bad behaviour. When the poice quiz Ryan he says he can’t remember anything. Bethany meanwhile is worried she caused his injuries when she lashed out at him, prompting Sarah to admit it was her. Sarah visits Ryan in hospital but he shows now sign of remembering their altercation.

Sarah apologises to Ryan and explains that she attacked him because Bethany had been the victim of a grooming gang and it has made her over protective. But Ryan’s reaction stuns her.  Kayla meanwhile is keen to try and lay the blame at Bethany’s door.

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Scenes air from 2nd July on ITV



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