Life for Sarah Platt has never been a quiet one and from surviving a close encounter with death recently thanks to Pat Phelan you would think she was due some rest and peace but no never going to happen while living on Coronation Street.

Here actress Tina O’Brien talks about the latest drama for Sarah.

It has been a tough few months for the Platts how is Sarah feeling at the moment?

I feel as though for her personally things are back on an even keel to a certain degree. Her and Gary are strong and she has totally come to terms with the whole baby situation. She is still concerned about David but it feels as though things are starting to settle down.

How does she feel Bethany is doing at the moment?

She knows Bethany is worried about Neil’s appeal, she knows that Bethany is not over what happened and now that she is not as close to Craig she does worry about her and how she is coping.

Is she worried when Bethany starts to show an interest in Ryan?

She is worried about Ryan as a possible boyfriend for Bethany. She is concerned that Bethany is attracted to another loser and another older guy. She is already angry at Ryan for being stupid and accepting a building job for Gary in Lanarkshire as he got it confused with Lancashire so no he isn’t exactly her first choice of a boyfriend for Bethany.

What happens when Bethany goes for a date with Ryan?

Sarah doesn’t know anything about the date so the first thing she sees when she arrives at Victoria Court is Bethany running down the hallway out of the flats with her blouse undone.

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Does she ask Bethany what has happened?

She doesn’t get chance Bethany is hysterical and then the next thing she sees is Ryan coming out of the flat with his top off and bethany runs off.

What does she think has happened?

She jumps to the obvious conclusion that Ryan has tried to force himself on Bethany, she doesn’t realise that it was Bethany who panicked and ran off.

Does she confront him?

She does go into the flat and confront him about what just happened. He is confused by it all and when he calls Bethany a tease Sarah sees red and she slaps him and shoves him. What she or Ryan don’t realise is that he has hit his head quite badly.

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How does she feel when she finds out about Bethany’s panic attack?

She feels really guilty for over reacting the way that she did but she has no idea her actions have had such serious consequences.

How does she find out about how badly injured Ryan is?

The first she knows is when they see Ryan being brought out of Victoria court on a stretcher, Craig assumes Bethany must have hit him but she insists she didn’t. Sarah can’t understand how her slapping him could have resulted in those injuries so she is confused.

What happens when she goes to the hospital?

She is surprised when she gets to the hospital and he shows no sign of remembering what happened. She can’t pretend nothing happened so she tells him what she did and apologises.

Does he accept her apology?

His reaction shocks her and is not what she expected at all, it is a real game changer for Sarah. She has a big decision to make.

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