As if being arrested for a murder that he didn’t do (and hasn’t actually happened) wasn’t bad enough, James Nightingale finds himself targeted next week

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A drunk and dishevelled James has a noticeboard of the names of people he thinks are out to seek revenge by setting him up for Kyle’s murder. Out of wine, he heads to the shop, only to return home to find ‘KILLER FREAK’ in red on his front door.

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Flashback to a younger James, who has just landed his first role at a law firm, Forbes Carney. Mac tells him he has to find £100k to help save his families business. Eager to help and desperate for his father’s approval James decides to ‘appropriate’ money from the firm.

After discovering that James is gay, on his 16th Birthday unknown to Marnie, Mac arranges for a prostitute to have sex with James.

James has had an epiphany, back to his normal self he heads to work where he searches Sami’s office.Will he find the evidence he is looking for?

These episodes air Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd July on Channel 4

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