Hollyoaks Spoilers: Welcome Sylver McQueen

Sylver.png(Picture Lime Pictures)

David Tag joins Hollyoaks as Goldie’s estranged brother Sylver McQueen, having just being released from prison In Hollyoaks this week, Sylver McQueen arrives in Hollyoaks and reunites with estranged half sister Goldie McQueen, who is less than amused to see him. When Sylver arrives in Hollyoaks he is hurt to find his little sister is ashamed of him, as she throws all of the newspapers with him on the front page in the bin. She is trying in vain to make sure no one finds out that her killer brother has been released from prison. It doesn’t take long before the sibling bickering begins.

Goldie-Sylver(Picture Lime Pictures)

With just a small bin bag of belongings, a reluctant Myra agrees to let Sylver move into the McQueens house on a temporary basis. Sally is less than happy with the idea of having to live with a convicted killer. Sylver is determined to start afresh and keep out of trouble, he’s done his time and has no intention of ever returning to prison.

Killer-released(Picture Lime Pictures)

In the village of Hollyoaks a convicted killer should fit right in, shouldn’t he?

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