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Damon and Brody are opening a pop-up cinema at the boxing club but there has been a leak. However, Cleo and Joel give them an idea to have it at the garage. Later, Cleo is back at home writing in her food diary whilst surrounded by food wrappers. She’s been purging and lying to herself and Joel.

Joel tells Cleo, who is frantically trying to hide chocolate bars and wrappers from him, that Sienna kissed him leaving Cleo furious. Later, he picks up Cleo’s coat and finds the pockets stuffed with sweets and chocolates.

Myra finds out about Joel and Siena kissing and that he has caused Cleo to relapse. A distraught Cleo, feeling guilty that Joel has taken the blame from Myra about her bulimia, tells Holly about everything.


By Eastieoaks

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