Milo is determined to get Dirk and Cindy back together and sets them up on a date, except Cindy doesn’t know about it and heads to The Loft to meet a guy she met on a dating app. Dirk is left teaching Hilton how to ride his bike whilst Milo tries to convince Cindy that Dirk is the right guy for her but what will Cindy decide?

Prince & Lily’s Wi-Fi is broken and Prince has no money to fix it. He is struggling to get any window cleaning jobs later Prince returns home to tell Lily he will have the money in a couple of days but doesn’t explain quite how he will be getting it.

Peri persuades Leela to let her have a birthday party for Harley at the house but struggles for guests so she agrees to pay people to turn up.

Meanwhile Leela bumps into Sienna and insists they have a coffee at her place but will she find Nico?


It’s Harley’s birthday party but Nico has been watching Peri and Harley’s relationship from afar and clearly has a plan. She gets Sienna out the flat and heads to the party in disguise, set out to get rid of Harley….

Yazz is increasingly worried about Alfie when she spots him talking to himself in The Bean. She offers her help and tries to encourage Alfie to come to Harley’s party but he tells her to leave him alone. Tom is the one that manages to encourage Alfie but its clear both Yazz and Tom know something is up.

Hunter is suffering from his anxiety but reluctantly agrees to go to the party with Prince. Hunter gets drunk quickly.

That evening, there’s a knock at the door and Dirk gets a shock when he finds his daughter Liberty on the door step.


Liberty wants to stay at The Cunninghams but Cindy is having none of it whilst it looks like Milo has developed a crush. Liberty heads to her sisters but she sends her away too.

Later Tom tells Alfie he needs to see a doctor, Tom leaves Marnie a voicemail to discuss Alfie’s welfare but the voice in Alfie’s head tells him Tom has spoken to the government. Believing Cindy, Holly and Hilton are all in danger Alfie decides to take action…


Alfie is surrounded by papers and calculations at The Cunningham’s house, he has barricaded them in to keep the safe.  Holly and Damon wake first to find Alfie dropping things to the floor in a gravity experiment.  Cindy tries to calm him down, she realises he is unwell and is hearing a voice.  Tom, Marnie and  Ellie head to The Cunningham’s, but Alfie won’t let them in.

Feeling like everyone is against him he makes a run for it and head to the Archway in the village.


Liberty is out for a run when a car pulls up and she is bundled into the passenger seat, Milo witnesses it all, has she been kidnapped?

Ste is furious when he realises Harry unplugged the fridge to charge his phone and all the food has gone off. They are struggling to make ends meet and Harry’s partying isn’t helping. Later, Harry presents Ste with a wad of cash he claims is from promotions work for nightclubs in town but is he telling the truth?



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