Matty Barton recently hit the village in a big way and it was a shock for many not least of all his mum Moira but a happy reunion was not happening.

Next week Moira reels when she gets a call to say Matty’s in hospital recovering from being attacked. She rushes in but it’s clear he doesn’t want her there. Moira wonders if he was beaten up for being transgender, but a defensive Matty reckons it wasn’t about that.

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Moira tries to connect with Matty but it’s quite some time before she appears to be making headway. The next day, however, Moira’s gutted when the nurse explains that Matty has discharged himself.

Who is responsible for the attack and will they be back?


Emmerdale air these scenes from the 12th July on ITV

By Eastieoaks

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