Coronation Streets airs a devastating week for Jack Webster and his family when he contracts sepsis which leaves his life in danger.

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When Jack complains of feeling unwell Sophie says he should go to school. He gets sent home from school and Seb and Faye finds him slumped on the stairs clearly unwell. As they carry him out of the house Ali sees them and urges them to get him to A&E.

The doctor at the medical centre confirms Jack has a viral infection and advises a relieved Sophie to take him home. But when Ali calls at number 13 to check on Jack he notices discolouration on his fingers and toes and calls an ambulance immediately. Kevin, Sally, Sophie and Tim are stunned when the doctor confirms Jack has sepsis and the next 24 hours are crucial.

Later Ali tells Kevin that Jack is not responding to the antibiotics as well as they had hoped. Kevin fights back the tears feeling helpless. Sophie has a go at Rana for the medical centre missing Jack’s sepsis. When Rana defends her position Sophie slaps her.  Sophie heads to see Adam and says she would like to sue the medical centre for negligence.

Meanwhile in Emmerdale

Sarah continues to battle her health problems while another family continue battling with each other.

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Sarah has an appointment to get a second opinion on her condition but the consultant agrees with the previous diagnosis. Desperate to attend the school dance, she lies and tells the consultant she feels fine but it’s clear when she walks upstairs she’s far from well and out of breath. Sarah is dropped off at her dance but struggles once again to catch her breath. Samson finds Sarah and offers to take her home but she’s determined to stay. How will the school dance go, will Sarah feel fit enough to get through it?

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Daz worries about getting hold of the ransom money and before going to meet with Amelia’s kidnapper, he breaks into the garage and picks up a spanner, heading off with malicious intent. An armed Daz waits for Amelia’s kidnapper but she flees on spotting his weapon. Soon kidnapper Beth panics when Amelia sneaks out and charges after her and she tells her about Daz killing her father. When Daz spots them both, Amelia is torn when Beth tells her to run. What will Amelia do?

Later, Daz is left shocked and bewildered when he is arrested but will Kerry, Daz and Bernice believe he is behind the kidnapping? Or will the truth about Beth be revealed?

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Over in EastEnders

As one family prepare to say goodbye to their child another battle for theirs.

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Max reminds Rainie that their focus has to be getting custody of baby Abi and nothing else. As Max seeks advice from Stacey about his relationship with Rainie, Donna learns from Martin that he and Stacey have given Max a reference leaving her stunned.

Max defends Rainie and the pair put on a united front but later Max snaps at Rainie for almost blowing their chances with baby Abi. Fed up, Max warns Rainie she won’t get a penny if she makes another mistake.

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It’s the day of Shakil’s funeral and Darius, Umar and Kush prepare for the emotional day ahead. Despite Carmel’s orders to Jay, Kush insists the funeral will go ahead as planned. Carmel ignores Kush’s pleas to attend her son’s funeral and Denise and Kush soon discover she has gone missing. As everyone heads to the church, Denise desperately tries to find Carmel in time but will she convince her to attend the funeral?


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