Well, it was all going on tonight’s episode as Farrah was trying to make it up to Kim, Maxine was shacked up with the ever-sleazy Glenn and Marnie was busy hitting Alfie.

Farrah made Kim breakfast to make up for her behaviour the day before, but Kim realised she has lost the present she made for her so left to go and find it. Later, Kim returned to the basement to spend the night there.

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Cleo stressed with wedding planning with Joel and Myra being no help! When Cleo said she hadn’t even found her wedding dress Myra came up with a plan, but the resulting trouble left Cleo feeling disgusted with herself when the dress didn’t fit and she stormed off leaving Myra worried.

Marnie hired another doctor for a second opinion of Alfie’s illness. Dr Spellman tried to explain Alfie’s diagnosis to Marnie and that by not acknowledging the voice in his head she is slowing his recovery. Later, Marnie unable to cope with the voice anymore hit Alfie across the face.

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Maxine and Glenn spent the night together in the Portacabin, as they get dressed Grace turned up, Maxine hid under the desk. Later Glenn returned to the portacabin to let Maxine out, while they were talking Kim walked past and heard all about their affair. Grace refused to believe it but returns home to find Glenn and Maxine close to kissing.

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Maxine left the village for a few days and Glenn returned home to find Grace about to leave, he told her that if she left she wouldn’t be returning.”Don’t test my patience Gracie” he shouted as she stood firm and told him “Its Grace” (followed by an appropriately timed piece of music as she walked off).

(Picture Lime Pictures) It’s Grace!



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