With Eva exiting the street any day now her last few weeks are sure to be dramatic in the build-up and next week is exactly that.

Next week Eva, Johnny and Jenny attend a mediation session to discuss Susie’s future. When Johnny pulls out the fake birth certificate, a shocked Eva’s forced to admit her regret over her crazy plan. Sensing the fight is getting dirty Eva twists the knife, pointing out she wouldn’t trust Jenny to look after a baby with her track record.

As the session descends into a row Johnny despairs. Back at home Johnny blames Jenny for scuppering his chances of custody.

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Later Johnny tells Liz how Jenny proved a liability in the mediation meeting and he plans to leave her. Despite her love for him, Liz tells Johnny that whether he likes it or not, Susie belongs with her Mum and he belongs with his wife. At the Rovers a drunk Toyah tells Leanne she’s lost Peter, her baby and soon her home too. As she stares at Susie in her moses basket sh sees the basket is empty.

An upset Jenny reveals that Johnny never came home last night. Meanwhile when Eva wakes and discovers that Susie is missing she’s thrown into blind panic. Her first thought is Toyah but when she appears without Susie suspicion soon moves to Johnny. The police take Susie’s details and promise to do everything they can to trace her.

(Picture ITV) Johnny sits in a hotel room cradling Susie.

Liz realises Johnny stole her keys to the pub. Taking this in Kate and Jenny search his flat and are horrified to find Johnny hasn’t been taking his MS pills. In a hotel room a weak Johnny struggles to feed Susie, as a bereft Eva makes a public appeal for her return. Having watched the appeal, Johnny calls Liz. As Liz arrives Johnny breaks down, admitting he can’t bear to lose his granddaughter.

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Liz urges Johnny to give this up but Johnny refuses to listen. Having been spotting buying baby paraphernalia without Susie the police tell Eva that Johnny must have an accomplice and suspicion falls on Liz. At the hotel Johnny tells Liz he plans to go on the run to Spain with Susie and wants her to come with them. As Johnny kisses Liz will she agree?

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Coronation Street air these scenes from Monday 16th July

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