Abi’s attempts to stay on the straight and narrow take a hit next week when she finds herself in trouble which could harm her chances to get back her kids.

Mr Fitzgerald from Weatherfield High drops off the school minibus with Abi at the garage but as she works on the vehicle, she’s shocked to find a bag of drugs in the glove box. Steve gets the wrong end of the stick when hen an edgy looking Mr Fitzgerald returns to the garage, claiming he left his wallet in the minibus, Abi refuses to let him in having called the police.

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As they search for drugs Tyrone suspects Abi’s responsible but when they arrest Mr Fitzgerald, he feels awful. Spotting the police with Abi, Steve reports back to Eileen. Abi’s furious, pointing out she was simply giving a statement and now Steve could have scuppered her chances of getting her kids back.

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Later in an attempt to make amends, Steve helps Abi and Seb who are frantically tidying the house before Eileen returns.

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Coronation Street air these scenes from Monday 16th July

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