Next week Tina opens up to her family about her past but will she be believed?

Tina is uneasy when past memories come back and Tina turns to Sonia for help who advises her to report what happened to the police. Tina tries to remember the past but with no luck, meets Stuart in the club to confront him about what he did. Stuart profusely denies all the accusations but adamant it was him, Tina gives him a warning Stuart calms Tina down and convinces her it wasn’t him leading her to apologise – but is he telling the truth?

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Later Sonia urges a shaken Tina to tell her family about what’s going on but she is shocked to learn Stuart has already done so. As Mick and Stuart insist on finding the person who was responsible, Tina wonders if Stuart is trying to manipulate her into believing he’s innocent and her suspicions grow when Stuart snaps at a drunken punter.

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Mick and Linda panic after Tina fails to come home and when Billy drops her purse off after finding it in a club, he reluctantly admits Tina was in a bad way the night before. As Mick heads off to find her, Linda receives a call. Linda brings her home and realises there is something Tina isn’t saying but as she encourages her to open up, they are interrupted by Mick and Stuart. Linda starts to pick-up on Tina’s behaviour around Stuart and alone with her, Linda probes Tina about what’s going on. With Mick overhearing outside, Tina breaks down and admits Stuart was responsible for what happened

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Linda realises Mick overheard her conversation with Tina and Mick meets with Stuart but fails to ask him about what Tina has said but he soon gets an idea and rushes home.

What does Mick know? and will Tina be believed?

EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 16th July

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