EastEnders Spoilers: Stuart dies after killer showdown with Tina Carter?

When Tina said that Stuart would pay she wasn’t messing around and next week it seems she could be taking ultimate revenge on him.

(Picture BBC)

Mick is reeling from the discovery of what happened to Tina and is baffled when Tina tells him she doesn’t want him to get revenge for her and to forget it. Seeing Mick’s frustration Linda tries to calm him down telling him that Tina should be his focus now, he needs to make up for doubting her. Later, Stuart plays the innocent trying to help Mick find out who could have been responsible for what happened to Tina, but when Mick confronts Stuart about the truth the pair quickly come to blows.

(Picture BBC)

Tina comes face to face with Stuart in the launderette. Stuart tries to manipulate Tina and begs her to tell everyone she got it wrong but when Tina refuses Stuart confronts her about keying his car

(Picture BBC)

Stuart, having tracked Tina down, goads her about everything that happened and as the argument escalates Tina blames Stuart for ruining her life. As Stuart continues to rile her, Tina lashes out and attacks him, leaving his lifeless body on the floor of The Arches.

(Picture BBC)

When the Police coming calling will Tina be able to talk her way out of this ? and with Mick taking an exit from EastEnders early next year will he take the blame ?

EastEnders air these scenes from Monday 23rd July


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