Charity Dingle loves to cause mischief and there is certainly no love lost between her and Megan so when she finds out about Megan and Graham will she reveal all to Frank?

The trouble starts when Frank sees a pregnancy testing kit and Megan’s shocked when Graham reveals how Frank found the pregnancy test and mentioned it to him. She reveals it was negative, to Graham’s relief but when Frank later confronts Megan about it she furiously accuses him of not trusting her. At Home Farm, Megan’s attempting to hang some fairy lights, but the ladder falls away and she’s left dangling. She calls out to Graham to help.

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There’s a clear attraction between them and they kiss. It’s clear things are about to go further, but they hear a noise. Later that day, Megan’s blood runs cold when Charity reveals she knows about her and Graham but what will Charity do about it?

Also Tonight:

The Dingles learn the devastating truth about Chas

Jai reluctantly goes on a date with Manpreet’s daughter Aiesha to keep Rishi in Manpreet’s good books.

Tonight’s Episode is 1 hour in place of tomorrows episode

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