In Friday’s episode (13th July), we saw that Moira and Matty’s relationship was finally starting to look like they were heading in the right decision after Matty’s transgender new that he just happened to drop on his mum (and you can see both of their points of views and feelings – like feeling shut out by one another).

After Matty was seen in hospital after an attack on Thursday’s episode, this was definitely the turning point in their relationship when Moira visited him and it seemed like she was ready to expect her daughter Hannah as now a transgender male called ‘Matty’.

In Friday’s episode (13th July), we saw Moira was looking for her child at the hospital in which to her horror wasn’t there (her facial expression said it all). Then when Matty showed up at Bulter’s when it was just Cain and Faith there and Cain looked worried that Moira wasn’t with him after going to collect him from the hospital so he then left to phone her leaving Matty and Faith to bond which was so wonderful to see. But when Moira entered in the middle of Faith and Matty’s bonding moment telling him she was long because she was on her way to Manchester to find up (much to Matty’s delight).

The part that worried me was when Moira and Matty were in the lounge of Bulter’s Farm when it looked like things were starting to fall apart after Matty had seen photos around the house of him as ‘Hannah’. But what a sweet moment  it was when Moira offered to take down any photos that he was uncomfortable to have up around the house. But when Pete entered when Matty and Moira were talking and Pete thought that Matty was a farm help and Moira didn’t correct him leading Matty to pack his things.

I was also moved to tears was when Moira and Matty were at the bus stop which lead to Moira apologising to Matty at the end of the episode where she introduced Matty as her son to Pete and Ross by saying to them ‘He’s not the new farm hand, this is Matty, he’s my son.’ – what an incredibly sweet and beautiful moment between the pair! This scene spoke thousand words to me!

(Picture ITV) Moira proudly declared Matty to be her son

Love that Matty has only been in the show a few weeks yet we have seen so many changes between Moira and him. Ashley and Natalie are doing this storyline amazing and I love their friendship on and off screen!

I am so excited to see what’s to come from these characters.

You can watch the scene from episode here.

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