Number 1 – Coronation Street, Aidan’s exit.

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Aidan’s exit and the way it was portrayed with Shayne Ward and the entire cast giving an incredible performance. This was one of those stories that they did just right, with showing the reality of it you can be in a room with a family that loves you to bits while feeling completely alone.

Number 2 – EastEnders, Shakil’s funeral.

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A break from the standard episode which just like Coronation Street really packed a punch, Bonnie Langford has been outstanding throughout this storyline and rightfully deserves all the praise she was given for this episode, and with her exit later this year I am sure EastEnders will give her a meaningful exit.

Number 3 – Hollyoaks, Don’t Filter Feelings.

Alfie(Picture Lime Pictures)

Richard Linnell has been a personal favourite of mine since he joined Hollyoaks and gives 110% in every storyline he has from his Cancer to the death of Jade.

In 2018 while builing a robot of Jade he began hearing voices and is currently coming to terms with his dianosis of Schizoaffective Disorder.

Number 4 – Emmerdale, Charity deals with her past.

Emma Atkins has played Charity for the better part of the last 18 years and has remained a loved character throughout her time, this year we finally got to understand her backstory when Emmerdale aired a special flashback episode.

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Subsequent episodes have introduced us to her son Ryan, opening up many new possibilities as they bond, while her relationship with Vanessa is also one that many fans are enjoying.


Number 5 – Emmerdale, Robron reunited.

From the time they split it was only a matter of time before Aaron and Robert reunited and with a certain Doctor out of the way it was time for Aaron to get his man back.

Fastforward 5 months and with a proposal on the cards any day now it seems that for this couple the only way is up.

reunion(Picture ITV)

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