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Next week, we see that Kayla causes an accident when she slams on her breaks on blaming a cat for her doing so which then causes Gail and Audrey to crash into the back of her car (which Audrey then discovers is registered to Marsha Clifton) leading to Bethany checking the CCTV footage proving that there was no cat.

Upon the accident, Bethany then tells Ryan that she will see him later for their flight to Ibiza. However, Kayla is then frustrated when Craig insists that he needs to go to hospital for his mental health needs, but with Bethany discovering that Craig had missed his police medical as he sets of to Kayla’s house to try and found him – leading to her to come face to face with Kayla after trying to find him and a horrified Bethany discovers a photograph of Kayla with Neil – has the penny finally dropped for Bethany about Kayla?

In Wednesday’s first episode, we see that Bethany is in danger that’s to her discovery and Kayla having a gagged her which leaves Bethany terrified at Kayla then goes to the hospital to check on Craig convincing him that Bethany is a liar and had cheated on Nathan and that it was her fault. Upon discovering that Craig doesn’t believe her Kayla produces a photo to him proving that she is related to Neil (Neil is her dad) – Thank god, Craig tells Karla that her father groomed his best friend. With Karla in a furious state she heads back to confront Bethany.

The second episode of the night sees the news of Kayla spreading to Sarah and Beth who are completely horrified. Craig is then super determined to try and rescue his best friend. However meanwhile back at Kayla’s, Kayla slaps Bethany to make her stop her talking about Neil (which you understand!) But will Craig be able to save Bethany in time?

But I do like the fact that in the final episode of the week, the boot is turned and Bethany is seen to be looking out for Craig when it comes to his friendship with Jess (in the police). Jess pops around to try and persuade Craig to not give up his dream of being in the police force which leads Craig to telling her that he will give it some thoughts but he has to tackle his OCD first – but what will Craig decide to do?

By Kellie

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