The rave is in full swing and seems to be a success, but Hunter can’t stop taking the pills.

As Lily finds a quiet place to chill she is approached by Romeo.  He attempts to impress her with his smooth talking and Shakespeare quotes, unfazed by the fact she is married. He just won’t quit.

LILY(Picture Lime Pictures)

Hunter runs into the woods where he stumbles across something on the ground and later is having flashbacks about what he saw in the woods, Prince finds him at home in a state.

(Picture Lime Pictures)

Prince finds out that Hunter is back on the pills and washes them down the sink, making Hunter promise he will always confide in him before thinking about taking the pills again.

On Friday, Prince comes up with a plan for them to make more money and suggests to Glenn he hires Hunter to paint the mural at the school.

Hollyoaks air these scenes from Wednesday 25th July.

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