This week in Shieldinch…Pete returns to win back Caitlin’s affections but his emotions spiral dangerously out of control; Theresa takes drastic action when Madonna discovers incriminating evidance; and Alex delights in toying with Lydia and Lenny’s fractured marriage.

After going missing weeks ago, Danny finds Pete in a bad way – his mental health clearly in crisis again. Keen to give Pete some focus, he coaxes his dad to come home using Caitlin as a lure.

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Back in Shieldinch, Pete goes in search of Caitlin but is left devastated when he catches her in passionately kissing Gabriel.

Heartbroken – and not thinking straight – Pete decides a grand gesture is the only way to win back the woman he loves. He steals a digger, driving it towards the Tall Ship in an attempt to bulldoze their past mistakes and start afresh.

Horrified by Pete’s dangerous actions, Danny blames Caitlin for his father’s distress. As a crowd gathers, Caitlin intervenes to make Pete see sense, putting her life in jeopardy.

Elsewhere, Madonna unwittingly uncovers Theresa’s deception – she’s duped Molly into signing her house over to her. When Madonna challenges her aunt, Theresa threatens her into staying silent or Molly will be put in a home.


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While Lydia tries to downplay their one night stand, Alex uses their secret tryst to his advantage in his revenge against Lenny. He deliberately leads Lenny to discover details of Lydia’s hotel stay forcing her to confess she has a younger lover.

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River City airs BBC One Scotland, 8.00 – 9.00pm on Tuesday 24th July

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