This week in Shieldinch…Theresa struggles to stay in control as her lies unravel; the Murdochs are divided when Amber receives devastating news, and the political battle lines are drawn between AJ and Suzie.

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Theresa panics after discovering Kim has woken from her coma. Fearing the shocking truth will be revealed, Theresa locks Molly in the flat and attempts to run away.

However, her escape plan is thwarted by Angus who tries to get her to come to the hospital with him. Desperate to avoid any confrontation, Theresa breathes a sigh of relief when Angus lets slip that Kim doesn’t remember anything about the accident.

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Spotting an opportunity to manipulate Kim’s memory, Theresa sets off for the hospital little realising her appearance will act as a trigger. Meanwhile, Gabriel finds Molly imprisoned in her flat and Lou discovers the incriminating missing dash cam. With the heat on Theresa, she takes drastic measures to evade justice.

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Elsewhere, Amber is devastated by the news that Charlotte’s chemotherapy hasn’t worked. In denial, Amber decides new treatment in America is the only option but while Lenny supports her leap of faith, Lydia’s reluctant. Fearing the journey will only make things worse for Charlotte, Lydia urges caution, causing an emotional showdown between mother and daughter.

Desperate to win the local vote, would-be councillors AJ and Suzie try to clean up Shieldinch to boost their political profiles. However, dirty tactics come in to play leading to an embarrassing photo op for one of the candidates.

River City airs Tuesday 8pm on BBC Scotland

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