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Amber’s desperate bid for money sees her play with danger; secret trysts are exposed when Frankie tells past lovers she had an STI; and Danny’s jealousy brings out his dark side.

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Amber’s devastaed when Dr Lockie refuses to allow Charlotte to fly to America for treatment – she’s too sick to fly and the hospital’s refused to treat her. While Lenny and Lydia join forces to convince Amber a Stateside trip is off the cards, she remains hell-bent on a transatlantic intervention. The only trouble is she’s short of cash. Desperate, she sets her sights on funding Charlotte’s American cancer treatment by stealing drugs from Gordon Harris’ lock-up.

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However, when an angry Harris finds out he confronts Amber before giving her a tempting, but dangerous, ultimatum.

Elsewhere, Dr Lockie urges Frankie to tells her ex-lovers she had chlamydia. A reluctant Frankie goes to Alex before dropping the bombshell on Angus who is unaware she slept with her aunt’s husband.

However, after catching a glimpse of Alex’s prescription at the doctor’s surgery, Angus realises he’s not the only one who was intimate with Frankie. Furious at Frankie’s infidelity, Angus clashes with Alex.

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Danny’s paranoia grows as he tries to keep Jules to himself. After manipulating her into spending time with him, he steals her mobile phone to stop contact from others.

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Later, after Jules suspects Danny is deliberately keeping Pete and Caitlin apart, she ends up on the receiving end of her boyfriend’s bad temper.

This episodes on Wednesday 8 August at 8pm on BBC Scotland

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