This week in Shieldinch…a heartbroken Amber is driven to extremes when Charlotte’s condition turns critical; Pete’s return forces Caitlin to face up to her infidelity; and the local council elections brings surprising results for rivals AJ and Suzie.

Amber’s devastated to discover Charlotte’s chemo session has to be postponed due to a chest infection. Fearing Charlotte’s health will worsen, Amber decides to go against medical advice and take her daughter to America for treatment.

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Believing he gave Charlotte the infection, a remorseful Dr Locke tries to persuade Amber to keep her daughter in hospital but she decides to forge the doctor’s ‘fit to fly’ certificate.

Out of options, Lockie calls on PC Lou’s help but before she intervenes Charlotte suddenly collapses. As the family gather around the sick little girl, Amber is forced into making a life and death decision about her daughter.

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Elsewhere, Pete returns but his reunion with Caitlin proves far-from-happy when he catches her kissing Gabriel. As emotions run high, Caitlin realises she can’t let Pete walk away again and makes a grand gesture to prove she still loves him.

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It’s Election Day but while Suzie is blazing the campaign trail, AJ’s doesn’t want to be a political puppet for the Murdoch’s. When Alex gets wind of this he enlists Stevie’s help to help AJ win.

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Danny tries to make amends with Jules who tells him to come clean to Pete and Caitlin about meddling in their marriage. While Danny confesses all, Jules grows close to Lockie.

This episode airs Tuesday 14 August BBC One Scotland HD, 8.00 – 9.00pm

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