This week in Shieldinch…Danny’s attempts to make amends with Jules take a violent turn; Angus forces Frankie to face up to her hidden bulimia; and Amber struggles to find the strength as Charlotte’s surgery looms.

While Caitlin and Pete excitedly prepare to renew their vows, more cracks appear in Danny and Jules’ strained relationship. Guilt-ridden for cheating on her boyfriend, Jules ignores Danny’s attempts to make amends.

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Caitlin attempts to clear the air with Danny but his only focus is Jules. He tells Caitlin he’ll only go to the vow renewal if she helps him make peace with Jules.

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Lockie is upset to discover Jules is going to Pete and Caitlin’s big day with Danny. Jules tells him their one night stand was a mistake – she loves Danny.

Danny persuades Jules to give him a second chance but his jealousy soon resurfaces with violent consequences. Shocked at her boyfriend’s actions – and fearful of further repercussions – Jules pretends that her injuries are from being mugged.

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Elsewhere, Angus discovers Frankie is once again in the grip of her eating disorder. When he can’t make Frankie face up to her illness, Angus decides to tell AJ the extent of Frankie’s bullima.

Together, AJ and Frankie try to help Frankie but, feeling ashamed, she pushes those closest away.

With Charlotte’s life-saving amputation looming, Amber tries to shield her daughter from reality but crumbles under the pressure. Lenny tells Amber he needs to be strong for Charlotte which leads to a heart-breaking chat between mother and daughter.

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This episode airs Tuesday 21st August BBC One Scotland 8.00pm



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