This week in Shieldinch…Lenny’s world crumbles when Charlotte’s condition deteriorates, sparking a violent outburst; Lockie fears the worst about Jules and Danny’s relationship; and Bob’s guilt casts a shadow over future happiness with Kim.

The Murdoch’s pull together when Charlotte unexpectedly develops sepsis. While Amber confides in Alex about her fears Charlotte might die, Lenny turns to Father Mulvaney for guidance but ends up railing against religious support. Later, seeing Lenny broken by grief, Lydia comforts her estranged husband which leads to an unexpected kiss.

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As Charlotte’s condition worsens, Lenny lashes out violently after Lockie makes a shocking confession. Maggie’s stunned when she unwittingly stumbles upon the shocking scene.

(Picture BBC) Maggie gets a shock!

Elsewhere, Lockie tells Jules he knows she wasn’t mugged and suspects Danny hurt her. Jules tells him it’s none of his business but struggles to cope with Danny’s jealousy. However, when she later discovers Danny’s violent past, Jules decides to flee Shieldinch with Danny’s love rival, Lockie.

(Picture BBC) Lockie

Angus convinces Bob his love life isn’t cursed and he should propose to Kim. However, an outburst from Kim makes Bob feel guilty for the part his family played in Kim’s life-changing accident.

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Fearing he’s not good enough for her, Bob puts his proposal on hold little realising Kim has secretly spotted the ring. When Bob fails to pop the question, Kim’s left confused and hurt.

This episode airs Tuesday 28th August BBC One Scotland 8.00pm

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