River City spoilers: fears, proposals, guilt and a blast from the past

This week in Shieldinch… Bob’s and Kim’s happiness is threatened by Theresa’s return; Frankie’s recovery is rocked by a blast from her past; and Lenny makes a surprising decision about his future.

Wrongly assuming Bob’s gone off the idea of proposing, Kim quizzes Angus and discovers Bob’s cold feet is due to a curse. Determined to quash his irrational fears, Kim takes matters into her own hands and plans to pop the question herself.

16414610-low-.jpg(Picture BBC)

With a little help from Lou and Angus, Kim sets about planning a movie themed proposal in the Tall Ship but trouble comes calling when Theresa returns.

16414623-low-.jpg(Picture BBC)

Theresa dupes Bob into meeting her and begs for forgiveness but he’s having none of it. More united than ever, Bob and Kim realise how much they love one another and a joint proposal follows. However, their happiness is short-lived thanks to Theresa’s actions.

(Pictures BBC) Happiness but for how long?

Elsewhere, Frankie returns from rehab with a renewed focus on the future. However, her rehabilitation is derailed when her father, Greg, turns up unannounced. Shocked to see him back in Shieldinch, Frankie berates him for abandoning her and Katie when they needed him most.

Desperate for another chance, Greg pleads with Frankie to start a new life with him in Ireland. Emotionally conflicted, Frankie’s eating disorder resurfaces and she finds an unlikely ally in Alex.

16414637-low-.jpg(Picture BBC) Frankie finds an ally in Alex

With Charlotte recuperating his hospital, Lenny wrestles with his guilt over Lockie’s attack. Increasingly isolated from his own family, Lenny realises Lydia’s better off without him and makes a surprising decision.

This Episode airs on BBC Scotland on September 4th at 8pm

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