This week in Shieldinch…Scarlett takes drastic action as the search for baby Mackenzie intensifies with dramatic consequences; Lydia’s humiliated by Alex’s shocking confession; and Frankie makes a big decision about her future.

Tensions run high in the O’Hara family with baby Mackenzie still missing. Worried the police aren’t doing enough to find her grandson, Scarlett urges Stevie to use his dodgy connections to find Theresa.

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Later, at the police press conference, distraught parents Bob and Kim plead for Mackenzie’s safe return. However, when the cameras turn to Scarlett she lies about Mackenzie’s health, hoping Theresa will do the right thing.

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Suspicions are fuelled as Theresa continues to flee justice, resulting in an explosive showdown with her sister, Scarlett.

Elsewhere, Lydia’s surprised to receive a solicitor’s letter confirming Lenny has filed for divorce. Suspicious of Lenny’s actions, Lydia visits her estranged husband and is shocked to see him in a bad way. She demands to know what he’s playing at but he insists he’s simply doing the right thing – letting her go.

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Alex berates Lydia’s hesitance to divorce Lenny before trying to kiss her. When Lydia rejects him, Alex takes the opportunity to reveal the real reason for their affair – revenge. Humiliated, Lydia decides to confess all to Lenny but unwittingly finds herself caught in an altogether more dangerous situation.

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Frankie’s future in Shieldinch looks uncertain when she’s offered a new life in London. Angus, AJ, Ellie and Katie use emotional blackmail to make her realise her heart belongs to Glasgow.

This episodes on Tuesday 11 September at 8pm on BBC Scotland

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