This week in Shieldinch…arch enemies Theresa and Scarlett are forced to unite to escape an explosive situation; Lenny considers taking drastic action as Lydia’s life hangs in the balance; and a blast from Lou’s past turns up unannounced.

Trapped in the construction offices after the explosion, with the police gathering outside, Theresa tries to escape while an injured Scarlett lies unconscious.

As Scarlett awakens, she shouts for help which angers Theresa – she won’t go back to jail. However, danger grows for the estranged sisters when Scarlett realises another explosion is imminent and they need to escape before it’s too late.

Putting hostilities aside, they face a race against time but for one O’Hara sister, forgiveness comes at a price.

Elsewhere, Lenny and Alex rush to Lydia who lies gravely injured, as Maggie and Kim help stabilise her. As the ambulance takes Lydia to hospital, Maggie tells Lenny she fears this is karma for the attack on Lockie.

At the hospital, Lydia is taken away for life-saving treatment. Guilt ridden, Lenny thinks he’s being punished for killing an innocent man and decides to repent his sins to the police, much to Alex’s horror. However, there’s a shock in store for Lenny.

The trauma of the day takes its toll on Lou who collapses. Panicking, Angus contacts a long lost relative to come to her aid – her brother, Logan Caplan. His arrival proves unsettling for Lou and Logan makes a bad first impression on Danny when he unwittingly spoils his big proposal to Jules.

This episodes airs on Tuesday 18 September at 8pm on BBC Scotland

By Eastieoaks

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