River City spoilers: A sad day in Shieldinch

This week in Shieldinch…Theresa’s low key funeral gathers momentum when Scarlett’s sister Bernie arrives and rocks the boat; Lenny’s on edge when a ghost from the past surfaces; and things get heated between cousins Angus and Logan in a cooking challenge.

16472177-low-.jpg(Picture BBC)

Scarlett’s plans for a small send-off for Theresa are scuppered when big sister Bernie turns up unannounced. Determined she’s going to give her little sister a funeral to remember, Bernie enlists the help of her heavies to steal Theresa’s coffin and clashes with long-time nemesis Scarlett.

16472203-low-.jpg(Picture BBC)

There’s no love lost between the siblings which forces Big Bob to step in as peacemaker. Scarlett is shamed into organising a big funeral for her sister, enlisting the help of Stevie to rally the troops.

16472190-low-.jpg(Picture BBC)

Dougie’s pre-occupied by fear the authorities will pin the blame for the explosion on him while Bob makes it clear to Scarlett he has no intention of making peace with Theresa and attending her funeral.

16472229-low-.jpg(Picture BBC)

However, words from the grave prove shocking when Bob reads a letter of confession from Theresa which threatens to rip the O’Hara family apart.

16472216-low-.jpg(Picture BBC)

Elsewhere, with Lockie out of his coma, Lenny instructs Maggie to suss out how much the doctor remembers about his attack. Realising Lockie doesn’t have amnesia, Lenny tries to buy the doctor’s silence. However, Lockie spots an opportunity to bring justice to another resident’s door and protect his pal, Jules.

Competition heats up between cousins Angus and Logan when Scarlett needs a caterer for the wake at short notice.

This episodes on Tuesday 25 September at 8pm on BBC Scotland

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