River City spoilers: Unwanted surprises, Confessions and Drugs

This week in Shieldinch…Amber finds a dangerous outlet for her frustrations; Jules and Caitlin face up to a new reality; and Bob gets an unwanted surprise from beyond the grave.

Amber’s day gets off to a bad start when gangster Gordon Harris calls a favour. She tells him she’s got Charlotte’s hospital appointment today but Harris isn’t willing to wait. Initially reluctant, Amber goes along with Harris’ orders, undertaking a covert operation for his criminal gain. High on adrenaline, Amber asks Harris for medication but he suggests a stronger release – heroin.

16548408-low-.jpg(Picture BBC)

Meanwhile, Lenny and Lydia take their granddaughter Charlotte to hospital, annoyed at Amber for letting her daughter down. When Amber returns home, Charlotte rejects her mother and emotions run high within the Murdoch family. Feeling like a failure and guilt-ridden for abandoning Charlotte, Amber reconsiders Harris’ offer to use drugs as an escape from her troubled life.

Elsewhere, Jules is shocked when Lockie announces he’s leaving Shieldinch. Later, when she overhears Caitlin and Poppy discussing a possible early release for Danny, Jules decides to leave with Lockie and start a new life.

16548395-low-.jpg(Picture BBC)

However, when Lockie makes a shocking confession, Jules has a change of heart about her future. Caitlin finally faces up to the fact that Pete isn’t coming home and decides to report him missing to the police.

Bob finds himself the surprise benefactor of Theresa’s will. While Scarlett, Bernie and Kim get excited about his windfall and how to spend it, Bob’s reluctant to accept the money from the mother he rejected.

16548382-low-.jpg(Picture BBC)

This episode will air Tuesday 9 October BBC One Scotland at 8pm.

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