This week in Shieldinch…keeping Ruby’s secret threatens to push Maggie over the edge; Kim makes a difficult decision about her mum, Isobel; and tension mounts between Alex and Lydia with Poppy caught in the middle.

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Maggie feels compromised keeping Ruby’s secret abortion from Caitlin. However, when Ruby collapses in the Oyster Café and is taken to the hospital, Maggie pleads with her to come clean before the doctors uncover the truth. A scared Ruby convinces Maggie to continue the cover-up, deleting her hospital files until she’s caught red-handed by Suzie.

Back at the hospital, with the doctors getting closer to the truth, Ruby blackmails Maggie – if she doesn’t stay quiet, she’ll tell her mother Maggie’s drinking again.

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Under pressure, Maggie fears she has no option but to reveal all to Caitlin, knowing there will be serious repercussions.

Elsewhere, Kim receives an urgent call from the care home about her mother, Isobel, and arrives to find Isobel confused and distressed.

Later, Kim learns Isobel has disappeared from the care home. A frantic search follows until she finds her mother safe in Shieldinch, leading Kim to make a decision to let Isobel live with her – much to Bob’s concern.

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To celebrate their insurance pay-out for the explosion, Lenny decides to throw a celebratory lunch for the Murdochs. Uncomfortable at spending more time together, Alex and Lydia squirm at the thought of playing happy families. Alex decides to invite Poppy as his date which irks Lydia.

This will air Tuesday 27 November
BBC One Scotland, 8.00 – 9.00pm

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