This week in Shieldinch…Stevie takes drastic action to silence Poppy; Ruby defends Maggie’s honour when Callum humiliates her granny, and Lou grows protective of Amber.

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Stevie and Poppy’s secret fling gathers momentum but is side-lined when Dougie announces his court case has been brought forward.

Determined to clear her father’s name, Poppy starts to delve into Lenny’s business, unsettling Stevie and Scarlett. When Stevie catches her trying to break into Murdoch Enterprises, he offers to help. However, in reality, he plans to sabotage her efforts.

Stevie slips into the Murdoch’s house but is caught red-handed by Lenny who challenges him. Stevie reveals all to Lenny, dropping the bombshell that Callum was responsible for the explosion, not Dougie. As Lenny and Stevie agree to protect their cover-up at all costs, they’re completely unaware Poppy has overheard the shocking confession.

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Later, a terrified Poppy steers clear of Stevie knowing he’s under instructions from Lenny to silence her. Backed into a corner, Stevie takes matters into his own hands.

Elsewhere, Gabriel’s horrified to discover Callum’s behind a humiliating social media video of Maggie drunk and disorderly. While Gabriel struggles to discipline his unruly stepson, Ruby seeks her own revenge but Callum’s retaliation proves devastating.

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Lou’s horrified to meet Amber’s latest business associate, Caz. Having met Caz during an undercover drugs sting, Lou takes action to protect Amber from getting too close to the dangerous criminal. When opportunity comes calling, JP decides to host a Hogmanay party to remember.

This episode will air on Wednesday 2 January 2019, BBC One Scotland HD, 8.00 – 9.00pm

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