This week in Shieldinch…Lenny’s revenge comes to a bloody conclusion; Amber struggles with serious withdrawals from her drug addiction; and blinded by her obsession with Alex, Nicole refuses to believe the shocking rumours which raise their head.

A bewildered Lenny is stunned as his victim falls to her knees – he’s shot Lydia. As she dies in his arms, an inconsolable Lenny delivers the love of his life her last rites.
Realising the enormity of what he’s done, Lenny pushes his grief aside to clean up the murder scene and hide Lydia’s body before the police come calling.

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The next morning, Lenny tells Amber her mother is missing and misinforms Lou about Lydia’s last known movements. When Alex discovers Lydia’s missing he panics, assuming the worst.

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As Lou starts an investigation locally, Lenny lies unravel. Feigning concern, Lenny takes drastic action to cover his murderous tracks, calls Lydia’s phone in front of Lou, leading the policewoman to make a shocking discovery and an arrest for murder.

Elsewhere, Amber is really struggling from drugs withdrawal, snubbing Gabriel’s affections. Lou offers Amber a safe haven at her flat, concealing her condition from Angus and Sonny. However, her drugs habit is overshadowed by devastating news.

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With her sights firmly set on Alex, Nicole turns seductress. In the cold light of day, a sober Alex discards Nicole, leaving her feeling used. When Alex becomes the prime suspect in Lydia’s murder, Nicole refuses to accept he could be guilty.

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Lenny – Frank Gallagher
Amber – Jenny Hulse
Alex – Jordan Young
Nicole – Holly Jack
Lydia – Jacqueline Leonard
Lou – Lesley Hart
Gabriel – Garry Sweeney
Angus – Scott Fletcher
Sonny – Jimmy Chisholm.

This episode airs Tuesday 19 February 2019 8pm on BBC One Scotland

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