This week in Shieldinch…it’s the day of Stevie’s sentencing and he’s desperate to avoid prison; Amber makes a discovery which leaves her questioning the truth, and while Caitlin and Logan find out the Tall Ship is under threat, Sonny’s womanising ways get complicated.

Despite his best efforts to act calm, Stevie breaks down in front of Scarlett, admitting he’s terrified about going back to prison. Worse still, he knows the sentencing judge is unlikely to be lenient.
Later, Poppy and Stevie exchange insults until passion takes hold of them again. Realising how desperate Stevie is, Poppy reluctantly agrees to help, offering to represent him in court but Stevie soon discovers there’s more to her change of heart than meets the eye.

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Determined to learn the truth about Lydia’s murder, Amber visits Alex in jail. To her disgust, he confirms he was in a relationship with his step-mum but it wasn’t an affair, it was love. Reeling from the revelation, Amber is shocked when Alex suggests Lenny may well be the one with blood on his hands – making Amber question Alex’s guilt and her father’s innocence.

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Elsewhere, preparing for Lydia’s memorial, Caitlin and Logan are stunned to discover the council have revoked the pub’s licence. Undeterred, they launch a campaign to save the Tall Ship but as their campaign gathers momentum, Logan grows unnerved by all the attention.

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Sonny finds himself at the centre of a complicated love triangle as Suzie and Bernie seduce him. Unable to resist, Sonny decides to secretly date both women.


Stevie – Iain Robertson
Amber – Jenny Hulse
Caitlin – Gayle Telfer Stevens
Logan – Kevin Mains
Sonny – Jimmy Chisholm
Scarlett – Sally Howitt
Poppy – Lindsey Campbell
Alex – Jordan Young
Lenny – Frank Gallagher
Suzie – Juliet Cadzow
Bernie – Barbara Rafferty

This episode airs Tuesday 26 February, BBC One Scotland, 8.00 – 9.00pm

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