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This week in Shieldinch…an unwelcome blast from Logan’s past arrives with a warning; Bob is forced to look after Isobel for the day with disastrous consequences; and Suzie makes a sexy suggestion to keep Sonny interested.

Opportunity comes calling after Lou urges Logan to buy the Tall Ship. Keen to settle down, Logan suggests become business partners with Caitlin but she’s short of cash. That is, until Maggie makes a startling announcement.

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Logan’s good spirits are quashed when he comes face to face with David, an unwelcome face from his past who arrives to expose Logan as a fraud. However, Logan has his own plan to silence the allegations.

With tensions rising, David’s demands put pressure on Logan and he resorts to desperate measures to pay off his debt, leaving Lou devastated and sending shockwaves through Shieldinch.

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Elsewhere, Bob reluctantly agrees to take care of Isobel while Kim goes to work. Struggling to find things to do with his mother-in-law, Bob’s day goes from bad to worse when Scarlett reminds him he’s got a prison visit with Stevie that afternoon.

Unwilling to let Stevie down, Bob takes Isobel with him but she unwittingly lands him in hot water with the prison guards. As the day continues to unravel, help comes courtesy of Maggie.

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Suzie and Sonny’s fling takes an interesting turn when she agrees to pose nude for his life drawing. However, when AJ and Angus come across his sketch book, Suzie is left humiliated and Sonny’s other woman Bernie grows suspicious of their relationship.

oEUajMa.jpg(Picture: BBC)

Logan – Kevin Mains
Bob – Stephen Purdon,
Isobel – Alison Peebles,
Suzie – Juliet Cadzow,
Sonny – Jimmy Chisholm,
Lou – Lesley Hart,
Caitlin – Gayle Telfer Stevens,
Maggie – Kathryn Howden,
David – Steven Duffy,
Kim – Frances Thorburn,
Scarlett – Sally Howitt,
Stevie – Iain Robertson,
AJ – Sanjeev Kohli,
Angus – Scott Fletcher
Bernie – Barbara Rafferty.

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