This week in Shieldinch… Lenny takes drastic action in an attempt to silence Alex; Amber’s grief pushes her to the edge; and while AJ teaches Callum a life-lesson, Caitlin is in denial about losing the pub.

Lenny’s unnerved by Poppy’s plans to build a case to prove Alex’s innocence. Lenny corners a terrified Nicole, enlisting her help to smuggle something into jail for Alex. However, little does Nicole realise he’s double crossing her and his plans for Alex are more sinister – he wants him silenced forever.

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Stevie is cynical about cellmate Alex’s protestations of innocence. Later, when he discovers a gravely injured Alex slumped on the floor, Stevie comes round to the idea that Lenny may be responsible. When Alex reveals the hell that Lenny put Stevie’s sister Kelly-Marie through in the past, the pair form an unlikely alliance.

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Elsewhere, Amber’s grief overwhelms her and she refuses to support Poppy’s defence case for Alex, vowing to incriminate her brother and make sure he stays in jail. With pressure mounting, Amber turns to drugs to numb her emotional pain. Fearing the worst, Lou reluctantly tells Lenny the truth about Amber.

With fostering hopes in mind, Ellie is irked by AJ’s negative attitude towards bad boy Callum – they need to see the good in all children.

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Later, AJ ends up babysitting Callum which sees them find a common ground and both learn a valuable lesson in life.

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Unable to stall the sale of the Tall Ship, Caitlin lies to her family to save face.


Lenny – Frank Gallagher
Alex – Jordan Young
Amber – Jenny Hulse
AJ – Sanjeev Kohli
Callum – Ty McPhee
Caitlin – Gayle Telfer Stevens
Poppy – Lindsey Campbell
Nicole – Holly Jack
Stevie – Iain Robertson
Lou – Lesley Hart
Ellie – Leah MacRae

This Episode will air Monday 11th March at 10pm on BBC Scotland

By Eastieoaks

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