River City spoilers: Monday 18th March 2019

This week in Shieldinch…

Still intent on proving Alex’s innocence, Poppy’s investigation forces her to question her morals; the clock ticks for Caitlin’s future in the Tall Ship; and Angus is jealous when Bob interviews for a new apprentice.

When Poppy visits Alex in jail, she’s shocked when he urges her to help Stevie get out. With his hearing today he needs all the help he can get but Poppy’s having none of it. However, when Poppy learns that Nicole unwittingly played a part in Alex’s attack, she realises it’s better to have Stevie out and on side to protect her father, Dougie, from Lenny.

However, when Poppy offers her help to Stevie he fears she’ll double cross him again and rejects her offer.

Elsewhere, Caitlin tries to cover up Amber’s plans to auction off the Tall Ship, spinning lies to her family that all is well. She does everything to deflect attention but is rumbled by Ellie who forces her sister to finally admit the truth.

Worse still, Nicole gloats about her plans to buy the pub with help from a secret backer, making it clear that when she does, Caitlin’s out of a job.

In need of a helping hand in the garage, Bob interviews for a new mechanic. When cheeky hopeful Barry Keith impresses Bob, Angus is jealous and feels sidelined by the new boy in Shieldinch.


(Pictures: BBC)


Alex Murdoch – Jordan Young
Poppy Patterson – Lindsey Campbell
Caitlin McLean – Gayle Telfer Stevens
Angus Lindsay – Scott Fletcher
Bob O’Hara – Stephen Purdon
Stevie O’Hara – Iain Robertson
Nicole Brodie – Holly Jack
Dougie Patterson – Stewart Porter
Lenny Murdoch – Frank Gallagher
Amber Murdoch – Jenny Hulse
Ellie McLean – Leah MacRae
Barry Keith – Conor Mullen

This episode airs on BBC Scotland 18th March

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