If you go down in the woods today
You’re sure of a big surprise

Only this is anything like a picnic as Rebecca struggles to get away from Lachlan as the week begins we see a dishevelled Rebecca incarcerated hammering at her chains with a rock. When she knocks over her water bottle, she realises her situation has become a lot worse. On hearing something she struggles against her bonds to look outside the window but gives up, weeping tears of anguish.


The next day a desperate Rebecca runs out of water. Losing hope, she slumps back knowing time is running out fast. Can she get out or be rescued soon? Meanwhile, Lachlan arrives back from his holiday and upon hearing the kids are searching in the woods, dashes out, desperate to get to Rebecca first.

LACHALN(Picture ITV) Will evil Lachlan reach Rebecca before she is found?

Nicola invites Laurel, Bob and the kids to join her, Jimmy and the rest of their kids to go camping. At the site, Bob tries to scare the kids with ghost stories to no avail but when Misty steps in to captivate them with stories on the afterlife.

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The kids soon head off into the woods in search of firewood. But whilst tramping through the trees, a rattled Angelica, Carl, April, Heath, Cathy and Arthur hear strange noises in the distance and decide to investigate. Meanwhile, Bob admits the truth about the job to Laurel and soon things are back on track between them. Back at the site, the camping group are dismissive about the noises the kids heard in the woods, but the troubled kids know what they heard.

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The kids secretly make a plan to return to the woods but soon their plans are thwarted. The next day in the village the furtive group of kids lie to Nicola and Laurel they are going to help Harriet in the church. But huddled they make their plan to find the ghost and head off. In the woods, the kids hear noises. Soon they approach the shack – as they creep forward, Angelica moves to open the door…

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Will evil Lachlan be caught or is time up for one or both of them if Rebecca escapes and what happens next?

Emmerdale air these scenes from Monday 6th August