Happy Tuesday!

Next week is a tough week for Sarah and Debbie as Debbie is introduced to one of Sarah’s friends, Dom who is on the same ward as Sarah.

Back at the hospital, later everyone is shocked when Dom suddenly collapses, which only the next day leads to Sarah lashing out at her mum. Later, a distraught Debbie tells Joe about what happened to Dom which only amplifies her own worries about her daughter, Sarah.

o0noa0l(Picture ITV) Dom collapses causing worry for Sarah and Debbie

Which then leads to Debbie starting to panic when the cardiologist asks to speak to her in private, what could this mean for Sarah’s situation?

Debbie’s plagued by a lot of mixed emotions when the cardiologist explains that they’ve found a new heart for her daughter – aware that she now faces a life or death operation. But as the cardiologist explains through all the formalities, Debbie is clearly struggling with her fears ahead of Sarah’s operation.

As they are prepping Sarah for her operation, will it all go to plan?