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In next week’s episodes, we see Sam open up to Lydia about his first wife Alice.

A devastated Sam will be seen telling his current partner Lydia the truth about him helping Alice to die which then sees Sam scared about Samson discovering the truth. The next day sees Sam deciding to come clean to his son, Samson but revealing the truth. Samson is then seen in shock and starts accusing him of murdering his mum which will then lead Lydia into trying to talk Samson round but when her lashes out he is seen accidentally pushing Lydia now the stairs.

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Back at the hospital, Sam is rather anxious as he awaits news on Lydia. Lydia is seen starting to panic when the doctor examines a rather suspicious looking mole on her leg which she is then seen covering up her worries from Sam.

However the next day, Sam and Samson are seen inviting Lydia to accompany the pair to Alice’s grave. Lydia is seen struggling when Sam and Samson are then talking about Alice’s cancer which then makes Lydia start to worry in which Sam notices that something back not be right for Lydia after her recent hospital visit.

(Picture ITV)

Will everything be OK for Lydia? Will she tell Sam the truth?

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