In the first episode of the week, we see that Rana and Imran are dealing with the death of their father leading to Rana confiding Kate about the fact that she is going to postpone telling her mother, the true about their relationship as she doesn’t want to be seen ruining her father’s funeral.

Later, Imran is seen enjoying a night out when Leanne is put out when he explains to her that his father has just passed away and that she was just a distraction. But as Imran and Rana climb into the funeral car, Imran is furious to find out that they will be sharing the car with Imran’s ex wife Sabine too.

(Picture ITV) Imran and Sabine

In the second episode, we see Imran apologise to Leanne but he’s impressed with Leanne when she introducing herself as he’s PA when she enters demanding money in their divorce and that she will need a appointment. 

(Picture ITV) Leanne, Sabine and Imran


By Kellie

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