In next Monday’s episode, we will see that Johnny is seen agreeing to Jenny’s plans for the refurb of The Rovers since they are now in charge.

But in Wednesday’s first of a double,  Johnny and Jenny admire seeing their names over the door of The Rovers and decide to spread the word about them turning it into a gastropub leaving Michelle and Robert feeling worried.

In Wednesday’s second episode, Johnny and Jenny are playing their cards very close to their chests when Robert and Michelle ask to see the work in The Rovers but Jenny and Johnny say no and they’ll have to wait for the grand reopening. Later, Gemma and Henry are thrilled when Jenny and Johnny agree to employ them.

(Picture ITV)

All their hard work could be undone when they send Henry to change a barrel and later a scream is heard and Henry is discovered with a broken arm and a plan to sue Johnny and Jenny.

Coronation Street air these scenes from Monday 20th August

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