In next Friday’s episodes, we will learn that Peter is shot to the heart which terrifies Carla.

With Peter safe guarding Simon at the factory but when he has to go out, Carla promises not to let Simon out of her sight but with Carla distracted when she catches Sinead altering Cathy’s coat on her work machine however as she reprimands her, Sinead turns a funny turn and Carla then goes searching for Daniel.

Watching Carla leave is no one other that Tyler and his friends who then bang in through the factory doors issuing threats with Peter then arriving back but as he and Carla quickly unlock the factory doors they fail to spot a car fast approaching with a gun pointing at them through an open window.

(Picture ITV) Peter faces danger

Tyler fires his gun, hitting Peter square in the chest. As Tyler’s car speeds off, Carla screams at the sight of Peter. Simon tells Leanne that Tyler’s won and he won’t testify in court. Seeing her son’s terror, Leanne barges into Underworld and has a go at Carla for putting Simon at risk.

As Carla worries about Peter, Michelle accuses her of still having feelings for him, will Carla finally admit she’s right? Simon announces he will go to court after all. Leanne fears what’s in store for Simon.

Will Peter be OK?

Coronation Street air these scenes on the 31st August.

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